Friday, May 30, 2008

Great entertainment

All of us have special talents, checkout this one though.
I assure it is worth your time.

Heres some old lame joke:

Mahathir and Sami Vellu is going out of country with thier personal jet plane.the plane was equipped with only 3 parachute bags , 1 for pilot, 1 for mahathir and 1 for sami vellu

sami vellu invited the pilot's son to board the plane with them then they all took off

suddenly! the plane was struck by a lightning ,so the whole system of the plane was damaged. mahathir and sami vellu panically take the parachute bag and jump out of the plane. so theres is only 1 parachute bag left, the pilot only think about his son's lifes, so the pilot told his son to jump out of the plane with the last parachute bag.....

the pilot's son ask his father to jump with him,the pilot told his son that theres only 1 parachute bag left. the pilot's son suddenly told his father that theres is still 1 more parachute bag left....

his father ask his son; "how come there is 4 parachute bags in the plane?" . the pilot's son answered; "no there is only 3 parachute bags in the plane but sami vellu jump out of the plane with my school bag..........!!"

Jay edited to make it shorter :P

Life after graduating

I am sure most of you are enjoying your 'infinite' holiday. As for job hunting, I got an offer from public bank to work as insurance consultant. (Gheesh, why can't I get anything else than insurance? >.<)
I will be going for medical checkup next wednesday and if all doesn't go well I will start with them on 1st August 2008.

Yeah, if all does not go well. Working for people have been always will be my last choice =D
I am currently negotiating with MMU to further develop my Final Year Project and commercialize it. Hope to get started as soon as possible.
Meet Jay the CEO

Well, of course if I were to further develop my work there will be NOBODY paying me salary so I'll have to find some income to support myself.

Good thing a 'old' friend of mine has been running his online computer business and needs assistance to expand his business. We will be partnering in the short term.
I have done a very crude version of our website, but I will be replacing it with a blog.
Website developing is too tedious, I rather spend my time to find more sales, hehe. xD

Thats all for now, do drop by my website and have a look.
All feedbacks are welcome and appreciated! =D

Sunday, May 25, 2008

My new interest

A (cup of) a day keeps the doctor away!

My new found interest:

Since going to a tea shop in Melaka Raya, I started to have quite an interest with chinese tea.
Looking forward to own a complete tea set (hints for my birthday present :P )

Currently drinking Pu Er tea. Being a cheapskate due to budget contrains, Raymond and I Share cost to buy Pu Er tea leaves.
Let this be the first picture I take which is related to tea.
The tools belong to the tea shop (translated: 3 more tea house?) of course.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Some web games to kill time

Unleash your dark side.

No, this is not Starwars. :P
Not sure how, but I have a little interest with text based online games lately.
Is it a trend or does all online text based game have something to do with being a bad guy?

well anyway, check these out when u want something to do: (Recommended) (torncity on steroids) (the newest)

Have fun! =D

Manchester United Rulez

A moment to commemorate.

Credit to Reon from for the sig bars.
Really talented graphic artist.

Well done lads, too bad for you C.Ronaldo,
better luck next time! =D

Pak Lah our prime minister

No, I'm not gonna put pictures of him sleeping :P
I got this from somewhere, enjoy!

Theres always a first time.

Therefore i proudly present to you........

My first original NON PIRATED game:
Command and Conquer 3 Expansion Pack: Kane's Wrath

"You can't kill the messiah" (Kane)

After long consideration, I finally made the move to buy my first original game.
Why? Well, first I really like the game, next I really like the game and finally I really like the game. :P

How well am I in the game? (See pic below) Ok la just rank ........ out of ........ players worldwide :P

After a short gaming frenzy/fever, I have cool off to a few matches a day.
Life back to normal.


1313 Car accident in Bukit Beruang

1313 is the number plate :P
After dinner a friend of mine, Nutty, phoned me to see the aftermath of a shocking car accident.

Well, thats 2 car accidents in 2 days which happen in Bukit Beruang.
I am starting to wonder if this is called post exam syndrome. >.<"

Anyway, let the pictures do the talking:

Dragging the waja out.

Collateral damage.

Scary huh?

Another reason why i dislike international student is they are monkeys on the road.
But let this be a lesson to all drivers, especially those from *that* country.

The first post!

Thank you for visiting. =D

WOW! Finally decided to create my own blog.

Since this is a personal blog, the main content I'll be posting will be:
-Comments on local news
-Event and happenings around me
-Updates about me

Sorry, no food or nice chick pictures, view other blogs for that. :P

I'll be posting updates every now and then.
Do check back when you see my MSN Messenger or Yahoo! Messenger title/status changes.

Have a nice time around, later.