Saturday, June 28, 2008

FREE Movie tickets!

YES! You're right!
There IS free lunch in the world, you just need to know the right person.
For this case, I thank you for viewing my blog by providing you the link for free GSC movie tickets, enjoy!

Click on the link below =D
Share your experience after viewing the movies.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Plans revealed

The cards have been dealt

After considering, I like to announce that I will be venturing into computer scraps with my 'big brother' Nutty. This will be the primary work I will be focusing on.

Oh, I've not forgotten about my FYP project commercialization. I'll still be putting energy into it. I'm not picturing it as a cash cow at the moment but more of a way I am repaying the society and especially MMU for my fantastic experience over here.

As this blog is updated, I have scheduled a meeting with the Dean of Faculty of Business and Law in MMU Melaka to present my ideas. Really looking forward to that.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


And so ends a sweet chapter in my life, and another commence.

After results out I was given confirmation that I have graduated.
Nice to know that my final year project got an A. (despite having an incompetent teammate)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Don't worry, petrol price of RM2.70 is temporary

Don't be sad about the petrol price hike,
Pak Lah says our petrol price will follow world market price
but government will always subsidise Rm0.30 for every liter.

Current price is RM3.00, gov subsidise RM0.30, we pay 'only' RM2.70

So if the petrol price go down (in Pak Lah's dream? since he always sleep)
example, petrol price go down to RM2.90
government subsidise RM0.30, we pay RM2.60

BUT, if the price of petrol in the world market goes up (99.9% chance to happen)
example, if price of petrol go up to Rm3.50 a litter
we have to pay RM3.30 while government will continue to subsidise RM0.30 a litter

so, VOTE FOR BARISAN NATIONAL! to enjoy the 'good' RM0.30 forever!

Monday, June 2, 2008

22nd birthday

Some early birthday gifts I received, thanks Jessica!

Even if you only give me a SMS, thank you but sorry for not listing it here.
Its the thought that counts. (But don't use this as an excuse for not giving presents :P )
Thanks for all the wishes! =D
I promise to be a good boss xD

Jokes Jokes Jokes


I'll post more as I get more =D