Friday, May 7, 2010

Maxis vs Streamyx Speed Test


Streamyx/ Screamyx/ Slowmyx

And the winner is...........
Too obvious, haha


Starfall said...

My friend, the obvious winner is still streamyx, check out the ping speed and compare it with both and now compare the distance of both. maxis got x2 speed, closer, but ping delay is doubled.

Basically you are driving bigger and more expensive car than mine, but obviously I arrived faster because I have better road.

Protip : never compare speed, I can pay more to get better speed but its the delays of the packets that counts because routing is more expensive than speed itself.

I once got 4mbps on maxis broadband but my download keep cancelling halfway.

Jay said...

Great insight, thank you for your comments Starfall =D

Anonymous said...

yea.. check out the distance just 50km.. but then the ping is so high.. whereas for streamyx distance is so far but ping so low~ i think streamyx win lo in this case~

but to think again... such a high ping still can provide 3mbps speed ~ the ping is like just...2x of streamyx's, with distance 4x nearer.. but the speed is like 8 or 9x faster..

if i were to make comparison... i would say both almost the same... and considering my house streamyx, (2mbps subscription speed) but i always get less than 100kB/s... i will vote for maxis.. =_=